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Our background is heavily influenced from both the commercial merchandising and performance based trading world, and goes back to a risk vs reward and capital management focus. It is not enough for us to “just be hedged”, we want to maximize those hedges, and trade and manage positions in a way that delivers results that stand out from the crowd.

Maintaining minimum risk / reward ratios and volatility management are key to ensure we get the most out of each hedge for the lowest deployment of trading capital. In addition, we are keen to exploit market opportunities that do not adversely affect the overall hedge position, and in general we take a very “outside the box” look at traditional trading strategy. We employ a proprietary statistical / technical model that, tied with our sound money management controls, has produced proven results without the emotion of the news of the day.

Trading Team

Leveraging years of advisory and trading experience, the TRU Trading team is dedicated to the delivery of superior risk management, brokerage, investing, and hedging solutions with full integrity and trust.

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Discover how TRU Trading can help tailor hedging and risk management strategies to provide you with peace of mind.

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