Ross Birkenfeld

Ross was born in Nazareth TX, and raised on a diversified farming and feedlot operation, as well as working extensively with a local dairy for several years. After graduating from the TCU Ranch Management Program in 2006, he came back home to start his own farming operation.

In addition to owning a corn/cotton/silage focused farming operation in the Southern Panhandle since 2006, Ross has embraced his love of trading, starting from trading commercial cross country grain and freight arbitrage to supplement the farm income, to eventually trading full time for himself in 2012.  At this time he also began developing proprietary technical and statistical trading models for individual consulting clients in the energy space to assist them in their trading activities, as well as trading / sales for a startup hedge fund.

In 2016 Ross joined Tru Trading’s new consulting venture Tru Vision Ag Consulting as a market strategist, taking his proprietary trading models in futures and options and condensing them into a palatable, producer focused program that emphasizes not only protecting profits on the cash commodities, but enhancing those margins at every chance possible.  Ross’s main market focus is corn / cotton and energy markets.  Between managing client and personal trading positions, his farm and a wife and 7 kids, Ross has no other hobbies (or free time) but does enjoy a good beer and a good baseball game.