Risk Management &
Hedging Solutions

TRU Trading’s professional team is available to assist you with order entry, to watch your trades when you’re busy with your operation, and to advise you on market activities and trading strategies. If you want the flexibility to enter your own trades, we have self-directed account options that we can guide you through as well. We understand the constraints and decisions that ag producers operate within every day, and we use an adaptive, personalized approach to tailor guidance that aligns with your individual risk profile and business goals.

Specialized Market Expertise

Our specialization in key commodity markets allows our brokers and consultants to create highly focused recommendations and strategies within:

The TRU Trading Edge
Our Difference is Our Service

When you need trading support, our knowledgeable brokers are here to help. Your call will always be answered by one of our local staff. It is our service pledge to be accessible to our traders when and how you need us.

  • Knowledge Built On Experience
  • Personal Attention
  • Decisions Driven by Data

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